Friday, November 29, 2013

Busy dive season this year, means bigger dive shop

Thanks to all of our students, we were pretty busy this year.  In fact, we were so busy we decided to expand our shop into the space next door to our original shop.  If you haven't come by to check it out yet, feel free to do so anytime.  We haven't had our official grand opening yet but are looking forward to getting all of our contracted companies in on the festivities and forward any prizes and savings onto our loyal customers.  Keep checking our Facebook page for more details on that.

Let's see, what can I tell you about our past few months worth of dive trips?  We are still frequenting our favorite shop down in West Palm Beach, Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures.  They have also expanded into a full dive shop.  We are so happy for them.  You will have to check them out on our next trip down there.  Our last dive trip was for the Deep Specialty and we dove Hole in the Wall, Bonair and Tunnels.  Three great dive spots.  So great, we decided to go back on Dec. 8th and do another dive on Hole in the Wall.  Plenty of sharks on these dives as well.  This is a deep dive, so only our experienced divers can handle these dives.  Although, on our next trip scheduled for Dec. 8th, the charter is going to do a drift shark dive.  What does that mean?  I'll tell you.  The charter heads out to Shark Canyon and on the edge of Hole in the Wall.  They drop two buoy markers attached to a 35 foot line and attached with a pvc line attaching both buoy markers.  The shop then has all the divers go down to the 35 foot line and hang on there.  One of the dive guides stay with the group and another dives down with a basket of frozen fish parts.  As the diver swims around with the basket, the ice melts and lets out pieces of the frozen fish parts.  As these parts exit the basket, the sharks will swim up to snag these out of the water.  It makes for an exciting show.  The sharks are dynamic creatures and are so interested in what is in the basket, they don't even pay attention to the divers hanging on the 35 foot line.  If you have never been on a dive like this, you will want to experience it for yourself. 

There were many other dives down to West Palm Beach this year and it's always a great time when we head down there.  We have done Night dives, Wreck dives, Deep dives and introduced many new divers to the ocean.  Some of the dives were near perfect conditions, while others left something to be desired.  It is always hard when we plan a dive and the weather decides not to cooperate with our plans.  Then again, any day of diving, good or bad, is still better then a good or bad day at work. LOL

Hopefully, you caught our latest dive video on our Facebook page.  If not, you might want to go check that out and see what we do for a living.  Without great divers and new students like you, we wouldn't be able to spread the love for what we do.  Thank you for all you do for us.  We appreciate you sticking with your local dive shops for all your diving needs.  We do it all for you because without you, we wouldn't be here.  Remember, if you find it on-line, we might be able to match or beat that price.  You will never know, unless you ask.

As always, happy diving!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Diving Daytona

Hi Everyone!

Just in case you haven't heard yet, we now have a boat associated with the shop so we now do trips offshore Daytona Beach.  Most Tuesdays and Thursdays are available for trips to some of our wrecks right offshore.  We will also have some weekend days to get some dives done but will be few and far between.  Those of you who are interested in doing some diving offshore here, let us know and we can get your name on a list to get out there and dive.

Ryan hosts most of these trips but Michele will provide a few too.  Hopefully this year will be a better year for night dives.  I know some of you signed up for our night dives last year and we were only able to complete one, due to weather making us change our plans.  We plan on making this year one to remember and for all of you to get to know Daytona Wrecks and love them as much as we do.

Of course we will still be making our usual trips down to West Palm.  Ryan was actually going down there this past Memorial weekend to do a couple of deep dives but repairs needed to be done to the boat he was using, so that dive trip was cancelled.  The dive will need to be rescheduled and we will be sure to post up pictures, if not videos.

We hope you guys join us for one of our dive trips.  Happy Diving!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

West Palm Beach February 24, 2013

Morning dive trip -

We were all excited for this mornings dives.  There was a total of 16 divers from Discover Diving Dive Center on board for this trip.  Most of us were on Nitrox and a few divers had not done their certification yet so they were on air.  As you may know, diving with air, your bottom time is much less than diving with Nitrox (Tanks with a higher percentage of oxygen in it).  Those divers with air tanks had a bottom time of 30 minutes, while Nitrox divers had a limit of 45 minutes.

Our first dive was on "The Danny".  Named for a 16 year old Danny McCauley who was in a tragic automobile accident. This artificial reef was sunk two days prior to our dives on February 22, 2013.    This 110 foot World War II vintage tugboat, formerly called the Pocahontas, was deployed perfectly upright with the bow facing south. Being a relatively small vessel at a moderate depth with plenty of open areas to explore this promises to be an excellent dive for openwater divers.  We dropped down and with the northern current pushing us, we landed right on the wreck.  The tugboat sits in 74 feet of seawater with the deck in the 50 foot range.  Large holes throughout the wreck make this a perfect wreck for getting all of the required dives done for your wreck certification.  It hadn't been down long enough to do a penatration dive for our wreck certification divers this time so we will have to come back another day.  Oh Darn, we will have to make another dive trip down to West Palm Beach.  LOL  Once we got around the tug a few times, it was time to drift onto our next wreck site, "The Spud Barge".  All of our air divers had used up their aloted time of 30 minutes at this point so they were on their way back to the boat.  Those of us who still had enough air to get to this point got to see the two groupers that lived on this wreck.  We even got some video of these two beautiful creatures.  By this time it has been just about the full 45 minutes and most divers have used up their air or reached the 45 minute limits and we all made our ascents to the boat.

Our second dive was "North Double Ledges".  This dive is always a great one with two ledges to follow along the bottom.  Once again we filed off the charter in two sets.  Because this was a drift dive and the current pushes you with the direction of the ledges, it allows for a nice relaxed dive, while seeing all that the ocean has to offer.  Not everyone gets to see what the other does.  There were sightings of a shark, many Lionfish, a Scorpion Fish and a Moray Eel, just to name a few.   These dives are always fun because most of the time, the two groups catch up to one another and divers that don't always get to dive together, end up together.

Hope to see you on our next trip down south.

Happy Diving!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Diving in 2013

Wow!  Last year has just flown by and I can hardly believe it's 2013.  Hope everyone had a great year of diving.

Ryan went down to West Palm yesterday for some diving and had an awesome time.  After the holidays, everyone was looking for a good dive.  He saw the usual array of marine life but was happy to be back in the water. 

As you know, winter is a time of year that diving in general gets a bit slower for us.  The shop crawls along, just waiting for spring.  We get the annual visitors who want to get into the water, no matter what the weather but for the most part, everyone else is waiting for spring too.  Some of us do research on what the upcoming year's dive gear will look like.  What are the new colors this year?  (Well, maybe that's just me)  What technical advances have they done to the dive computers?  What innovative new ideas have they put into the BCD?  What's different about the mask  that might help me clearing it easier?  (I hated that part of my Open Water training!)  We can try and answer any of these questions for you and if we haven't heard of whatever it is you heard, we will try and find out.

We love telling stories in class and even posting them on facebook.  If you have a dive story that might make someone feel better about their dives, tell us and we might feature you in one of our blogs.  Some of you are featured in our conversations with our new classes and don't even know it.  We never give out names so you don't have to be embarrassed.  Now, if you drop into the shop while we are teaching a class, you might hear your story being told and if you want to add in any extra information, go ahead because your story might help another diver conquer any fears they might have about getting certified.  If you could do it, so can they.

I would love to sit and bable on and on but you would probably get bored so I will sign off for now and promise to keep up with this blogging thing.  Maybe even show some pictures or videos of The Exciting Tales of the Deep, via Ryan's pictures.  Be sure to check in frequently, I will try and post up some funny stories as they come in.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Diving!