Thursday, January 10, 2013

Diving in 2013

Wow!  Last year has just flown by and I can hardly believe it's 2013.  Hope everyone had a great year of diving.

Ryan went down to West Palm yesterday for some diving and had an awesome time.  After the holidays, everyone was looking for a good dive.  He saw the usual array of marine life but was happy to be back in the water. 

As you know, winter is a time of year that diving in general gets a bit slower for us.  The shop crawls along, just waiting for spring.  We get the annual visitors who want to get into the water, no matter what the weather but for the most part, everyone else is waiting for spring too.  Some of us do research on what the upcoming year's dive gear will look like.  What are the new colors this year?  (Well, maybe that's just me)  What technical advances have they done to the dive computers?  What innovative new ideas have they put into the BCD?  What's different about the mask  that might help me clearing it easier?  (I hated that part of my Open Water training!)  We can try and answer any of these questions for you and if we haven't heard of whatever it is you heard, we will try and find out.

We love telling stories in class and even posting them on facebook.  If you have a dive story that might make someone feel better about their dives, tell us and we might feature you in one of our blogs.  Some of you are featured in our conversations with our new classes and don't even know it.  We never give out names so you don't have to be embarrassed.  Now, if you drop into the shop while we are teaching a class, you might hear your story being told and if you want to add in any extra information, go ahead because your story might help another diver conquer any fears they might have about getting certified.  If you could do it, so can they.

I would love to sit and bable on and on but you would probably get bored so I will sign off for now and promise to keep up with this blogging thing.  Maybe even show some pictures or videos of The Exciting Tales of the Deep, via Ryan's pictures.  Be sure to check in frequently, I will try and post up some funny stories as they come in.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Diving!