Monday, May 27, 2013

Diving Daytona

Hi Everyone!

Just in case you haven't heard yet, we now have a boat associated with the shop so we now do trips offshore Daytona Beach.  Most Tuesdays and Thursdays are available for trips to some of our wrecks right offshore.  We will also have some weekend days to get some dives done but will be few and far between.  Those of you who are interested in doing some diving offshore here, let us know and we can get your name on a list to get out there and dive.

Ryan hosts most of these trips but Michele will provide a few too.  Hopefully this year will be a better year for night dives.  I know some of you signed up for our night dives last year and we were only able to complete one, due to weather making us change our plans.  We plan on making this year one to remember and for all of you to get to know Daytona Wrecks and love them as much as we do.

Of course we will still be making our usual trips down to West Palm.  Ryan was actually going down there this past Memorial weekend to do a couple of deep dives but repairs needed to be done to the boat he was using, so that dive trip was cancelled.  The dive will need to be rescheduled and we will be sure to post up pictures, if not videos.

We hope you guys join us for one of our dive trips.  Happy Diving!