Monday, February 22, 2016

Blue Grotto, Williston, FL - February Check-Out Dives

Our newest addition to the dive center, Brad, was with the group this weekend for our Open Water class final check out dives and had this to say about it:

We completed openwater dives 1 & 2 Saturday at Deleon Springs with zero issues. Everyone executed the skills required in a very calm manner. Today we will complete openwater dives 3 & 4 at the Blue Grotto dive facility in Williston FL and if all goes as planned we will be heading home with 6 new PADI openwater divers!! We also have several PADI Advance and Enriched Diver students participating as well. We are anticipating a lot of fun and excitement today!!

Brian and I arrived at the Blue Grotto Dive Facility at 9:15 and slowly signed in our dive students and pleasure divers as they arrived. We had a group of 6 openwater students, 2 Divemaster trainees and 4 pleasure divers. After getting set up and completing the dive brief we headed down the stairs to the 74-degree water that was full of others divers and one soft shell turtle named Virgil.

The dives went well and we would like to congratulate Marissa, Justin, Eric, Christian, Maggie and Dan on becoming certified PADI Openwater Divers!!!.

Preston and John (Both certified Divemasters, looking to link up with Discover Diving Dive Center and become part of the family), pared up with Charity and Selina and completed two pleasure dives to 60’.

Afterwards, everyone shared their stories of the dives while breaking down their gear with the exception of Christian, Dan and Maggie who decided to enroll in the Advanced Openwater Diver course and went back in for their third and final dive of the day.

It was a great day for everyone and Brian and I got a chance to meet some great people and make some new dive buddies!!

Big thank you to everyone in attendance. It was a great time for all. Thank you Brad for sharing with us your experiences with such a great a class. We hope we have inspired someone else that wants to get into diving. If you ever get the chance to take classes and learn how to dive, even if we aren't your instructors, don't hesitate trying it. You won't ever regret it. It is such an awesome experience and a lifetime of enjoyment. Dive, Dive, Dive!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

There is nothing worse then a blog that is old! I am fixing that right now.

I know we haven't been the most up to date on these things but that is because we have been busy teaching some awesome people like you, how to dive and doing some fabulous dive trips.

We started making monthly dive trips to Epcot. That's right, Epcot. DiveQuest is what they call it. The living seas, inside Epcot, where it's located. This trip has gotten more and more popular the longer we offer to do these trips. If you have not done this dive, it is a great experience, even if you just go once. Drop by the dive center and take a look at the video we have of the actual trip we first did in May of 2015. First thing they do when we are taken back stage is we get to see just how large this facility is. We find out what the different species of aquatic life eats and where that is prepared. They supply all of the gear so the only thing you need to do is get your wetsuit and booties on and meet the guide before you dive. They suit you up and take you to the descent line. Once you descend you will get to dive with sharks, rays, tons of tropical fish and the best get to be part of Disney's "show" to all the visitors in the observatory. Children and Adults alike, get to view your dive from the large glass windows. The children LOVE interacting with the divers and love to watch you. We have gotten several of the kids to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with us as we swim by the windows. It is only 25 feet deep so you should be able to make your air cylinder last the entire 40 minute dive. Don't worry if you can't, Disney gets you topside and hooks you right back up with a new cylinder and your back to the dive again in no time. We get a bit of a break in price if you come out with our group, so if you have been thinking about doing this dive, stop by and sign up for the next trip we have going. You won't be disappointed!