Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014 - Wreck Trek and Juno Ledge in Jupiter, Florida

Dive Sites: Jupiter Wreck Trek and Juno Ledge
Water Temp: 75 Degrees
Visibility: 60+
Seas: 3’-5’

February is Lemon Shark season along the coast of Southern Florida. With that said, our group set out with that in mind! Just the day before, several lemons had been spotted between both dive sites we decided to head to. Along the ledges in Jupiter, Tiger Sharks have also been spotted as of late.

We dropped assuming a North Current on Dive 1. The Zion should have been in plain sight within minutes, but it was not. We dropped into NO current. We headed north in hopes of hitting the Zion, and getting back on track, but within minutes a 6’-7’ Bull Shark came into view. Everyone got close to the bottom as we admired this massive shark with about 8-10 Cobia along for the ride. We decided at this point, not to surface and re-drop because it would have made for a short drop. We stayed down, and thankfully we did because the same bull shark circled at a distance of 25’-30’ away. Within 10 minutes a second bull shark had come into view and stayed with us while we explored rubble on our trek north.

Group 2 decided to Re-drop and dropped right on the Esso T. Bonaire wreck. They saw several Goliath Grouper, Nurse Sharks and what we believe to be the same Bull shark sporting all the Cobia. They were able to enjoy about 20-25 minutes on the wreck before surfacing!

Dive 2 everyone dropped together onto Juno Ledge! Juno Ledge is a personal favorite of everyone at Discover Diving because you reach the ledge at 65’ and it drops off to sections over 90’ Deep! This ledge is home to everything! We immediately had a nurse shark swim up to us and a Reef shark with a hook and line in its mouth swam in for some action. These two sharks literally stayed with us the entire dive. The tropical Fish, such as Angels, Butterflies and Chromis are always so Big and colorful on Juno Ledge. Our Spear guys enjoyed shooting some plump mangrove snapper and we are still seeing Lobster!

If you aren't diving, you have only seen 1/3 of our world!!-Ryan