Tuesday, November 25, 2014

St. Croix Diving with Ryan and Dan

November 3, 2014

Dive Site: Cane Bay Wall, St. Croix
Depth: 216’
Time: 63 minutes
Surface Temp: 82 Degrees

On November 3, 2014 I set off with Dan Weeks, for our Deep Dive off Cane Bay wall. Ever since crossing into the Technical Diving world, 200’ has been a huge goal of mine. Michele having been to 208’, I was planning on going Deeper. Dan and I planned the Dive to 216’.

We started our 250yard swim offshore and it became real. I was so excited, yet focused on such an awesome dive. We set off to our first gas-switching point which was 130’. At that point we switched from 32EAN to Air. We dove Air to our final Destination.

Upon Reaching 216’, We gave each other a high five, and took a few minutes to enjoy the view. There is nothing in my life that compares to looking up from 200’ underwater. We began our ascent, nice and slow. I shot a lionfish at about 185’ and immediately had a Black tip Shark come to investigate. I wouldn’t give him the Fish, not for a while at least, so he would stick around for some photos! Around 130’, when it was time to switch back to 32EAN, I kicked the lionfish off and got the video of the shark taking the lionfish. We never saw the shark again.

From there it was smooth Sailing, the majority of our Deco Obligations were fulfilled between 90’-130’. We took our time enjoying the beautiful Cane Bay Coral Nursery, taking note of countless Christmas Tree worms, A large Barracuda, schools of snapper, squirrelfish, Tangs, Filefish and butterfly fish. I could go on forever, if it’s a Caribbean fish, it was there.

In the End, we did 63 minutes total, after a beautiful dive to 216’. If you are interested in Technical or Sidemount diving, feel free to contact us at the shop for more information! We offer several different courses to get you involved with either!

Watch their video: Click here