Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Wrecks of West Palm Beach W/ Little Deeper Charters. Written by Brad Tonner, PADI Instructor

The first of our dives on Sunday was The Corridor which is definitely one of the best dives in Palm Beach County. The corridor is composed of four wrecks (Mizpah, PC1170, Amaryllis and the China Barge) that line up to form an amazing 1700-foot drift dive depending on the current. The China Barge is the last in line on this amazing site, although most divers don’t reach it before needing to ascend. As a dive site, The Corridor is an excellent training site for advanced, deep, and wreck specialties.

Our second dive was The Danny. The Danny sunk February 22nd, 2013 just north of the Lake Worth Inlet due to the combined efforts of the McCauley Family, Palm Beach County Diving Association, and Palm Beach County Artificial Reef Program. This 130ft ice class tug sits in 85ft of water and is now home to Goliath grouper, tropical fish and new sponge growth.

Even though some of our divers developed motion sickness and were unable to complete the second dive, the dives were enjoyed by most. The Captain and crew of the Little Deeper Charter took us out in windy and choppy conditions and dropped us right in front of each dive spot so we were able to successfully drift on to the wrecks and conduct our advanced and wreck dives. With a small current we were able to drift over the dive sites while seeing a green moray eel, a couple of sea turtles and 2 bull sharks.

All in all, it was an exciting day of diving!!

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