Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Summer is almost here!!!

Our store is ready! We have most of our summer inventory in and are ready for our students and customers. We have many projects in the works for trips in the upcoming months. June 1st kicking off summer trips will be a trip to Jupiter with ScubaWorks for an Orientation 2 Tank Dive with Instructor Brad. You can just give the dive shop a call to reserve your space for this trip. These dives are great for us divers that only get to see the ocean a few times a year and just want an easy (get back into the water) trip that you just don't even have to think about.

As usual, class schedules are still in full swing. This blog is about to blow up from the stories we are hearing from getting certified to funny things some people do to prepare for their dives. If you have a funny story and you would like us to share it on our blog, e-mail us the story and if we use your story, you will get some free swag from some of our dive companies. (Hint, Hint, dive companies) LOL

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